PE Project

Since the introduction of the PE and School Sport Premium in 2013 SHARES has been delivering National Curriculum PE for several SHARES schools. A PE team was developed with contrasting skill sets allowing for the National Curriculum to be delivered to each school through a small team of highly skilled staff.

Children undertake different elements of the PE curriculum each half term and are then assessed by the PE Specialists. iPads have recently been introduced as part of the assessment process and videos are used to show the children attaining their learning objectives. Schools receive a full assessment report after each half term highlighting the level the children have attained. For children who have exceeded expectations they are encouraged to attend local community clubs to enable them to develop their skill set further. Extra supports are developed with each school for children who don’t achieve the standards in each curriculum area to help them develop their skills. These include being targeted to attend lunch time and after school clubs.

The PE project also organises trips for the schools, supports with the wider PE vision in each school and delivers CPD training to staff to ensure that they are upskilled as part of the wider PE development in the school.

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