SHARES Lancashire Ltd is the not for profit company set up by the Skelmersdale and Upholland Primary Schools to provide a wide range of support services to schools and individuals at a time when other statutory support is diminishing. We aim to enhance the number and quality of opportunities available to pupils and their wider families with the overall objective of Raising Educational Standards.

The company was set up to meet the common aims and objectives of the Skelmersdale and Up Holland cluster schools. Through working collaboratively we have been able to enhance the quality of our schools through the sharing of good practice, pooling resources and working together to achieve success. Since its inception, the company has expanded significantly to provide an array of services and opportunities, not only to SHARES schools but also to other schools across the UK.

Whether you are looking for support with Contracts and Procurement, seeking recruitment support or CPD opportunities, we hope you find what you are looking for. Alternatively call the SHARES team for assistance.

Procurement and Contracts

SHARES Lancashire can support with your procurement needs. With a range of services that will enable you to get best value from new or existing products we can deliver the package for you. The SHARES team work daily in conjunction with our network of School Business Managers to provide best value to our schools across a wide range of products and services. From ipads to playground equipment we can help deliver the right products at the right price. Let our experience help you get the most from your organisations budget and support you to maximise your efficiency.

Our knowledge and experience with Contracts and Service Level Agreements has enabled us to get some of the best deals available to schools. Economies of scale allow us to negotiate for some of the best deals schools can access and your organisation could benefit from this. We can work on your behalf to find the best value deals available. From IT support to Property Services we can support you through the process. If your organisation is looking to gain best value from current contracts and feel you currently don’t have this, we can support by negotiating on your be half to ensure all aspects of your current deal are delivered.

The SHARES team has been delivering high quality, educational and fun Holiday Clubs since 2010. This experience and knowledge will mean a smooth process from advertising to delivery that will mean Holiday Clubs are joy to host and simply a great benefit to a school and its community. We can provide a holiday club on your school site over any holiday period. We have highly qualified and skilled practitioners including sports coaches, performing arts instructors and artists who can tailor and structure a program of activities to suit your requirements.

To discuss this further, please contact us.