SHARES Lancashire’s Physical Education (PE) National Curriculum is structured, planned and devised to create innovative PE lessons. This aims to reach the objectives set out by the PE National Curriculum. At SHARES we assess every child’s ability in each of the different topics through lessons and core tasks.

Our targets:

  • All children participate in PE ‘Every Child Matters’
  • Create pathways for children who excel or are interested in furthering their sporting knowledge through after school clubs and community clubs
  • Create a safe and enjoyable environment to develop PE and sporting success
  • Tackle obesity to promote a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of school
  • Engaging everyone in the lesson

In lessons children learn a broad range of gross fundamental skills in Key Stage 1 and technical, tactical skills in Key Stage 2. Through the SHARES Lancashire PE scheme of work children are able to apply the knowledge learnt and adapt these to different situations. Furthermore, children will learn the importance of warming up, why it is important to exercise and to keep fit.

The SHARES Lancashire PE Project leads children to taking ownership of their lessons, helping them to perform skills with more accuracy, confidence and control. With this they are able to recognise exercises and activities that help build strength, speed and stamina. Furthermore, knowing the difference of how to evaluate each other’s performance by selecting and applying skills in the lessons taught by the SHARES Lancashire PE Specialists.

“The SHARES PE Specialist fully integrated themselves into school life resulting in the children becoming enthusiastic about taking part in PE and Sport.”

Paula Evans –
Head Teacher at Brookfield Park Primary School

“The SHARES PE Specialists subject knowledge was fantastic resulting in the children progressing well throughout the year.”

Mike Holden
Head Teacher at St. Richards Primary School